“We have Stuyvesant Press print and mail a monthly flyer for us. We are constantly late but the excellent people at Stuyvesant Press provides us speedy, high quality service that helps us to make our deadlines each and every month!”
Seth Klein – President, Complete Medical Supplies, Inc.

“We have been working with Stuyvesant Press exclusively since 2006. They are one of the greenest printers in the area but their prices are competitive with any other printer. We occasionally bid out a job (just to check) and Stuyvesant is always the lowest and the most environmentally responsible. We also put demands on them in terms of short turn-around times and delivery since we are an event organization with hard deadlines. They have never let us down. We can unequivocally recommend Stuyvesant Press. They’re the best and very nice people as well.”
Pamela Lippe – Principal, Earth Day New York

“Ordering business cards through Stuyvesant Press is a snap. It is done on line and you get to see a proof immediately, which guarantees no mistakes. Delivery is quick, the quality of work is excellent, and it’s always a pleasure working with Stuyvesant Press.”
Joette Slaasted – DRS PCT- Milwaukee Office

“Stuyvesant Press has been doing all our printing needs since 2003. In addition, they inventory all our Literature Items and act as our fulfillment agent, sending out all our orders to customers. The pricing has always been competitive with a very fine product. Their staff has always been wonderful to work with. I can only say good things about the company and it’s staff.”
Lou Polonkay – Trustee, Matt Talbot Retrest Movement, Inc.

“I’ve been working with Stuyvesant Press for almost a year now, and they are truly outstanding. It is the combination of excellent customer service, adherence to deadlines, and stellar print quality at reasonable prices that makes Stuyvesant stand out. Stuyvesant takes ownership of each project and handles it well all the way through, from initial estimates to mailing. You can’t get more value for your money than with this print and mailhouse!”
Mary Sandre, Thieme Medical Publishers, NYC

“Stuyvesant Press is more than a vendor; they work with us to resolve the many issues that come up when producing a monthly magazine and go the extra mile to solve problems a lot of the larger printers wouldn’t touch. From missing fonts to technical issues with ads, we can always count on Stuyvesant Press to work with us to make the best magazine possible. That’s why we’ve kept using Stuyvesant Press for more than two decades.”
Miles Z. Epstein, Editor, COMMERCE

“Stuyvesant Press has been my printer for over 20 years. My many businesses require the best presentation materials available and Stuyvesant Press has always provided me with top quality artwork and timely delivery. From business cards to full scale brochures, Stuyvescant Press is my printer of choice! ”
Bruce Richard, General Manager, El Coronado Resort